Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Christmas Rush is here!

It's been a busy week my friends- work parties, christmas chores, cooking, wishes to friends and family, gawking at christmas trimmings inside and outside buildings, truly, christmas is just around the corner and 2009 is unstoppable.

But...despite renovation work at home, we are coping happily.

2 films that i would recommend

AUSTRALIA - the film makes me feel proud to be an Australian. It's Australia's answer to Gone With the Wind (I haven't seen this movie yet but someone said it), Out of Africa, Pearl Harbour, The Good, the Bad and the...rolled into one. Nicole Kidman is one of my favourite actresses and I follow her movies and Hugh Jackman is now one of my favourite actors. I like it not only for the story but it shows Australian culture, language, and beautiful landscapes.

HILOT- I haven't seen this film yet but I am proud to say that it was produced in the Philippines by one of my treasured online friends, the Filipina actress, Melissa Mendez (artistmelissa in multiply). It's not a joke to produce a movie and act on it too. It deals with a relevant social issue- abortion- This is the first time Mele is producing a movie and I wish her success in her courage and efforts and contributions to the Filipino Film Industry.

So- if Australia is showing there near you please take time to watch it and if you are in the Philippines, let us support Mele and watch HILOT or better still, but a ticket and watch the premiere showing on January 20 2008 in SM City in Pasay City Philippines

Last but not the least, i WISH YOU ALL A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! I will come back here every now and then as I still want to post a lot of photos. I haven't found my camera yet..but until then, take care and be happy!