Wednesday, January 21, 2009

God Bless Barack Obama

I was late to work today because I got stuck watching the highlights of the inauguration of newly elected president of the USA, Barack Obama on TV. Apparently there were about 2 million people who attended the event. The National Mall was full and DC was just overflowing with people. Must have been the most attended inauguration ever.

I was inspired by his speech as it holds a lot of promise not only for Americans but for most people of the world presently feeling the crunch of the financial crisis.

At the end of his speech he said, God Bless YOU and God Bless America. Very simple but with so much impact.

I did not pay much attention to the US presidency and all the blah blah that goes with it but somehow this one kept me watching and quietly rooting for Obama..

Now that all is done and dusted, we shouldn't all sit back but be inspired and learn from his monumental inaugural speech and I think that we will all go through this nasty financial crisis if we do most of the things he said.

Just my political thoughts...what's yours?