Sunday, January 04, 2009

vacation is over, been putting away the chrismas trims

I blended with the christmas decorations

The vacation is over and so is the festive season's back to normal..which is work tomorrow.

It was a nice restive christmas, we stayed home for a change as we've been travelling a bit during christmas time since

Dec 2001 to the USA/Japan (took advantage of the cheap fare after 9/11)

Dec 2002 back to the USA/Korea as a gift for Ray who was the DUX in his primary school graduation.

Dec 2003 to Sydney and Canberra Australia

Dec 2004 to the Philipines/Hongkong

Dec 2005 to the Philippines/Kuala Lumpur

Dec 2006 to Melbourne Australia

Dec 2007 to the Philippines/Singapore

Dec 2008 just at home and around Brisbane

One of the reasons why we can't go anywhere aside from our renovation project is Milo-the cat. We love her so dearly that we can't let her stay in the cat hotel yet as we want her to be more matured.

Will go to sleep now as I will be waking up early tomorrow for work.

The photo was taken on my birthday celebration last November 2008 on our way to Byblos. David took the photo.