Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year everyone!

At long last, Christmas had passed and it's now 1st of January 2009, another year over, and a new one has begun (John Lennon).
It's 6 AM and next to New Zealand, Australia welcomes the New Year while some of you out there will soon be having your turns. I've slept after 12 midnite when housemates were busy watching TV. Now they are all asleep so I could blog in peace.

After all the parties before Xmas, we had a very restive relaxing lunch and dinner at home, each of us pitched in either in the food, gifts, cleaning, washing up, baby sitting the cat or just being there as a family. We decided to have it just for the family instead of attending some Filipino reunions, for a change.

It's chaotic inside the house as we are doing major renovation work to our old house so we opted to have dinner at the verandah that David built. It was our first time to do this and guess what? we loved it and we've been having our meals there since. It's cooler outside the house than inside especially during these summer days.

On boxing day (26/12) we had dinner with Armi's family. We are friends for 20 years now and they also immigrated to Australia about the same time as we did. They live more than an hours drive from our home and we met them for supper in a Thai Resto to enjoy food that someone had cooked for us. We have to pay..of course Our children had grown together and they are 'family' to us here. was time for New Year Shopping. We have worked out that the bargains begin after Christmas so we saved a lot of our shopping then. Vivis, Ray and I headed to the DFO outlet near the Airport, leaving David in peace to continue his renovation work as he is not fond of shopping. Ray came along to help carry the shopping bags (bless him)

New Year is now here and will soon organise lunch again. They are all asleep so I might have a nap after greeting you all a Wonderful New Year...How did your holidays go?
More photos by clicking here.