Sunday, February 26, 2012

26 February 2012

Seems like I am posting once a month...
Just realised that I had a twitter account as well. I have forgotten my PW but again it was easily reset, updated some and maybe I will start tweeting regularly, so watch out followers, be ready to be bored haha!

Been raining in my part of Southeast QLD. Very good for the plants but not good for the clothes that's waiting to be washed and be dried under the sun on a clothesline.  Yes...I moved the dryer to the flat in Queanbeyan NSW as the weather there is more gloomy than here.Great to note that on my return from ACT/NSW the Welcome sign for QLD and the ensuing road back to home looks sunnier.  This will not deter me from moving over to the cooler part of Australia.  I say this because every time I tell someone that I am moving to the ACT they either say "it's boring out there' or "its so cold down there"..That will remain to be seen.  I was born and grew up in a cold city called Baguio (it's the official Summer Capital of the Philippines) so I like being cold than being hot. At least I can wear a scarf, leather jacket, boots, etc. but it will be a hassle if it's cold and raining as I don't like this combination of weather. Anyway, we are Homo Sapiens and we adapt to our environment.  I do anyway..Have a great Sunday!