Tuesday, March 13, 2012

13 March 2012

Maybe I should just publish the date when I blog...Anyway, I can't get the wifi connection in my Vaio laptop so I brought it to the place of purchase. The kind young guy was able to fix it without sending it to the Sony service centre. It's just fixing the 'setting' he says. Before taking it to HN (Harvey Normans) I frantically saved majority of the photos on the disk.
Here are some of the photos-
 the demise of a loyal bag- i had this bag in 2000 and it was the handbag that I brought to the first visit to the USA, (nyc, dc and jax fl)
 I nursed a fractured foot for six weeks from the end of November 2011. It's all well now but the soreness of the ankle is still there.. 
This is the balloon that Vivi received from Neil and Alicia on her birthday 2011