Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beethoven Moonlight Sonata 3rd Mov

I had a pianist in the house and he used to play this Beethoven piece  incessantly-
He used to do it as  soon as he wakes up in the mornings, still wearing his pajamas and it goes on and on and on...'twas hard going on  weekends where I wanted  to sleep in after a hard week's work.  It used to drive me crazy.  I tolerated it  of course as he happens to be The Son -you see... 
Now he is working full time and seldom has time to play this sort of music. It's strange because I  now miss his 'concert' like practices on the weekends. He is busy reading books like Shares for Dummies or Chemistry for Dummies. He would play sometimes but not as long as he used to.