Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sometimes we have Convenient Food

Studying (again!) makes it hard to fulfill cooking chores that sometimes I have to resort to what I call 'convenient food'. These are either 'fast-foods' or left-over food.

For today, after picking up some bread/milk/vegetables and fruits from Costco in Majura Park in Canberra, just 10 minute drive from home, I bought some Pizza. I should have bought just a slice as it was so big! Oh well, we had some left overs which will still be good for tomorrow.

The Pizza was nice and floppy, very American- like the pizzas we had from Dominos in Joseph's house in VA USA. We remembered him and family as they were also the first ones to show us Costco USA in 2000, 13 years ago now. 

Sometimes we just have recycled left over food. This saves a lot of time and money too. I hardly throw away food. I am lucky to have housemates who are not all that fussy and sometimes there's our pet ginger cat Gingin who shares our food too, for a change from his typical cat food. 

Gingin our pet cat

Big floppy pizza with all the vegetables and some meat

Cost $15 for a real big one, and we had left overs too

Recycled lean mince meat with a lot of vegetables on toasted bread

Baked beans with cocktail sausages added, left over corned beef

Same one with steamed cauliflower with cheese sauce (yummy)