Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am in the middle of my studies....

I started in April and hopefully it will be finished by November this year.

I am now on the 5th out of 10 modules.  It's been a grueling time as apart from the readings and assessments there is a presentation of role playing for each module.  Everytime I do this it's like defending a 'PhD thesis.

Anyway, I am here to update you with some random photos here goes:
Cherries are in season, and I ate a bowlful of my favourite fruit

One of my dinners out in the veranda

By the bayside near where I live

Product of my guava tree

Autumn tree at the ACT

Watched Prof Brian Cox PhD live at the Canberra Convention Centre

Gingin my playful cat he is actually fast asleep here

Visited Graceland in 2006 and Elvis was buried there

Elvis's Mansion in 2006

I was on my way home last year in 2012,

Treating myself with capuccino and donut while grocery shopping

The cat gingin still sleeping

I had a doll like this as a little girl. I love this giant kewpie doll, graced the Olympics 2000 in Sydney