Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Budget Tuesdays

Today we went to watch a very nice film called 'world's fastest Indian', starring the very good Anthony Hopkins . I enjoyed it even though we missed 5 minutes of it. It is also a true story of a kiwiguy from Invercargill. What thrilled David was the mention of his Uncle Leslie Hobbs from Christchurch, a journalist who wrote about Bert Munro. Won't elaborate any further so I won't ruin it for those who have not seen it. A story of a man, an old one who is very focused and determined in what he wants to do. A lot of wisdom here too. Budget Tuesdays are the promo in cinemas for a cheap movie- AUD6.50/adult. Normally double that on ordinary days.

Got the good news from Ray that he will be able to watch 'The Fiddler...', 'Australian Outback' and spend a couple of nights in the GC. So, GC here we come.

Good to meet up with Vivi again. Ros (my workmate)got voucher for this buy one free one meal at BlackJacks- Vivi decided to join us and was there ahead of us. She looks so confident in her nurse uniform. Her duty is at 2:30 pm so she had a lot of time to enjoy time with us eating our hearts out at the buffet lunch.

At work I had meeting with the manager regarding some learning needs analysis.. more training. I am currently on higher duties- really I enjoy mentoring other people.
Have a good night..