Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

My Easter Holidays started yesterday, Thursday as I have taken a flexi one day before and after the easter holidays. On Wednesday, our work social club had put up an easter event complete with the hot cross buns and easter egg hunting in the form of multi-colored dots numbered and pasted in different unthinkable places. Anyway, my tummy had a feast of hotXbuns, choc chip ones with butter and lots and lots of chocolate easter eggs! Everyone was wishing Happy Easter to everyone.

Thursday was a nice day spent with the company of ray- we pretty much did what we wanted to do- me intermittent housework and washing clothes- him his music and pc. We left for Brissie at about 2ish and went to Big W (bought some goodies using my $25 gift voucher), Medicare(recover some medical money), Allans for him and Rebel for me. Rebel was under refurbishment so I went out in a hurry and looked for Ray. We then went to Borders (we enjoy this shop) then I to Myers - to look for some walking shoes as my heels are giving me hell lately (symptoms of old age!)- but did not find any. We waited for David at Pastano's, had dinner there and then went to watch this awesome play called "fiddler on the roof"- What a fantastic show with lots of words of wisdom plus great setting and acting. A truly good night.

Good Friday as my blog title says- well that's the picture of the St Stephen Church in Brissie where I usually visit and pray at least once a week. I go past it everyday on the way to my work. It's been a quiet Friday, more landscaping and planting work at home. My flowers at the front of the house are getting colorful.

Happy Easter! time to reflect and thank the Lord for all the blessings and remember Him for his sacrifices and wisdom. My philosophy in life is to live more for the present and be happy. Lately, I've been quite selective in a lot of things- paying more attention to things that are important to me and promote my well being.