Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Sunday

I will share with you a posting i did a year ago at BWI....

when I was little, mom, sis and i used to paint real hard boiled eggs for my 4 little brothers to search in an easter hunt. We hid them in accessible places and the hunt begins when they all wake up. After attending the easter mass at the baguio cathedral we used to eat pancit, shanghai lumpia/egg pie at dainty and we met some uncles who hang around there who chat with mom and dad. we always participated in the church processions (way of the cross) that starts and ends at the immaculate concepcion church in aurora hill. good time to meet up with friends.

during my university years in manila, i was often sought out by dormmates and most were greasing so i can bring them along to baguio during the holy week. around 5-6 friends tag along and it was amazing how mom and dad used to convert our 3 bedroom house into a backpacker style accommodation. my sis and 4 brothers became 'floor managers' in our small sala. it was a festive mood and my siblings used to enjoy the company of my dormmates. we hire a 'short trip' to take us around to burnham park, lourdes grotto, cathedral, mines view, la trinidad, pink sisters. sometimes we set on foot with our picnic bags with the company of my siblings tagging along passing through brookside to go to the botanical garden (my favourite place in baguio), teachers camp and camp john hay. we really had a good time. before going home my dad (may he rest in peace) had already organised one bayong each of vegetables for my friends. we do last minute shopping mostly of strawberry jams/everlasing flowers and other curio items. we leave baguio with good memories and did not mind the crowd at the bus terminal at the top of session road.

here in australia easter is too commercialised with the chocolate easter eggs which we buy to give as presents for our loved ones. It's an occasion when chocolate eggs are allowed for breakfast, together with the tradiional butter laded hot cross buns. we attend sunday mass in an airconditioned church, meet up with friends. there seem to be a vigilant campaign for road safety since it's a long weekend as if majority seem to drive away from their abodes somehow. road tolls are quite high at this time due to overspeeding, alcohol, drugs or maybe just plain fatigue.

I wonder how everyone else spend/spent their easters.