Saturday, April 22, 2006 winning the lotto huh?...

that's the feeling when viv graduated from uni with a degree of bachelor of nursing.
at last- i have fulfilled my role as mum to her as far as supporting her education goes (she did 85% of the work i have to say...) and this is one of the greatest achievements of my life too- now she is a full time registered nurse and working in one of the royal hospitals in brisbane. this is a new beginning for her and she said that she feels a bit weird that for the first time in her life since she was 3 years old that she is no longer going to school. She is planning to go back to school to study a language- japanese or spanish. she had studied french in high school. for the meantime she is enjoying life with Haines and may soon travel to melbourne or overseas on her sept or october scheduled rec leave....lets see if she will save enough. i must admit that it feels a bit weird not having vivs around but in a way i have the time to start a hobby and tend to my garden and even watch some dvds/read books and do things that i really like which did not find time for.

ray is the master of our lives. he is the only one left of the 7 children who lived with us. apart from high school his other activities are piano and voice lessons. he is so much into music devoting 70% of his time to it and it's really a passion for him. that means for david and i enduring long hours of listening to piano music... but thank god that it's not rock that he plays- especially on the weekend such as today. para kaming nasa concierto palagi! I'm sooo proud of those 2 guys and i am lucky to have children like them. i hope that they feel lucky to have a mum like me too hi hi- does not really matter to them as the best legacy we can leave our children would be the ability and skill to cope with life's extremes and savour those happy moments and always look forward to a bright day.