Sunday, April 30, 2006

labour day tomorrow

Ray asked David and I at breakfast- if it's labour day tomorrow how come the workers don't work? in fact i asked that myself a couple of decades ago.

When I left the home in the Philippines to come overseas, i left a very good career to start family life in New Zealand. I thought that I will just settle as a wife and mother. But for one who's been working since 17 years of age, the call of 'work' beaconed when Ray was just 2 years old. In Hastings, New Zealand where I used to stay, the easier part time work to find was in the apple packhouses. Hastings, you see is surrounded by apple, pear, peach, grape orchards and sheep, cattle farmlands. My very first job was an apple packer in an orchard called Peak Horticulture. Ray went to daycare and Viv was in primary school. I enjoyed learning about apples, packaging procedures(they were exported to the U.S. Russia)and mingling with kiwi production workers. It was also a good way to keep fit. Holidays like Labour Day is always a welcome respite from the daily grinds of hard work. My family and I have come a long way since my packhouse days in Kiwiland.

Picture: My first collection of phlenopsis orchid ( di pa nadagdagan uy)
I've also created a couple more blogsites here in blogspot-just go to my profile and click on the other blogs. See! I have more free time. Can I keep it up though? That will remain to be seen...