Wednesday, May 03, 2006

first day of work after a 4 day break

is like adjusting again and refreshing yourself with the routine you got used to. Work for me is like 5 minute walk to the busstop (sometimes)I get a lift from David as long as I let him hurry me up, 15 minute bus ride to the train station then 35 minute train ride to the city of Brisbane, then 10-15 minute walk to the Riverside Centre, depending on the distractions I allow myself to engaged in.

We catch up with what we did on the weekend, nice to tell and listen to everyone's happenings then we settle to our usual routines and work allocations, go on to the usual morning tea breaks (though I drink my self-made coffee- cappucino costs between 3-4 AUD$ here), lunch breaks, afternoon breaks and before you know it, time to go home again.

The beauty here is there is not much traffic to reckon with. I actually preferred to take the express bus to home but lately, I started going on the train again.

But- it's good to go back to work and look forward to that payslip which is actually the reason why we work. We have our pay every fortnight- but it does not stay long in the bank as it gets distributed to various bills.

Hay.. buhay..
Photos are my everyday scenes - where i wait for the bus, walk to work, and go to work- figure out for yourselves.