Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another birthday in September- TODAY!

Happy birthday to the Groom in this wedding- born many moons ago in September 30.

When in Baguio City Philippines buy
DANES translation DANES bakeshop products before 4 pm or you'll miss out. Danes Cafe is better than Starbucks (in my opinion) but your cinnamon rolls are my favourites- pahingi recipe...i know one of the ingredients- hangin.. hayan free ad for you courtesy of blogspot.

Am sure that the WWW and all the people in that picture wishes you well- you are one in a million in fact you are just one in the world, mon. More on Mon in peoples etc.

God bless you always- I will keep your gift here till you come- what can I give you but your all time childhood favourite- bananas of course and these ones are the real Queensland ones that were nearly wiped out during cyclone Tracey. They won the grand price in this year's Royal Show (Ekka).
Manang Vicky, David, Ray, Vivian n Haines xoxoxoxo