Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weird things about me

I was tagged sometime ago and I published this in one of my sites but for the sake of those who visit here- hereunder are some weird things about me.
1. I suffer from panic attacks and people don't notice it. I get cold sweats before speaking in public- i feel like leaving it all- but when i've done my first 2 statements, i feel fine. When I go out by myself and it's dark, I would be half way to e.g. the birdbath to leave left over rice, i suddenly panic and run back to the house yelling out for Ray or David to accompany me. David is more understanding but Ray shakes his head. When my invited guests finally arrive, I get a mental blank or a shock which I have to shake off , befiore I go out and meet them- but then everything always turns out well but I still get these weird feelings.

2. I watch horror movies without sounds....that's why I watch it alone as my housemates think it's weird. I hate being scared and somehow the sounds do a lot to me as I really freak out. I can tolerate the visuals though but I don't really enjoy it for the suspense but for the special effects created. Try watching the "Interview with the Vampires" without the sounds. But then again, after having looked through it, I watch it again with the sounds this time and I'll be able to appreciate it then.

3. I still love watching Walt Disney cartoon movies- Madagascar, Nemo, Lion King- and for someone who is half a century old people my age find it weird but my 2 children are amused. One of my greatest moments was visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando but due to the limited time I was not able to to go to the Magic Kingdom- instead I have to go with my 'matured' companions (hubby and 2 teenage kids) to MGM and Epcot (we had limited time then) but the Magic Kingdom is my priority next time and I don't care if I shall have to do it alone!

4. Snakes really scare me specially the small ones. Earthworms included. My brother used to have an earthworm farm- just a small one under the house . One day he played a practical joke on me. When I used to work in Manila and would go home to Baguio on the midnight Victory Liner schedule, I would sleep in the following day. One time after the 4-hour trip I was still in my room in Baguio deciding whether to get up or not to join the family for breakfast , Mon (my brod) called out, would you like to have the Manila Bulletin (I used to get up and get the newspaper and go back to my room, lie down and read it leisurely). I thought, he was being nice- and said yes, please. So he came up (my room was in an attic above the kitchen/dining room) with the folded newspaper and placed them on the floor beside the bed. I thanked him for his thoughtfulness. I picked up the folded paper and slowly opened it and some shiny browny stuff fell on my tummy like a small heap and probably after getting their bearings about 5 earthworms started crawling in all directions on top of my tummy. You don't wanna hear the screams that ensued after that and the chase that followed. Thank God that I was younger then- about 18 -if I were older I would have had a heart attack! It's still an annoying anecdote that my brothers say up to this day.

5. I have a fetish for pens- fountain pens, ballpens, pencils- I just love them. I feel insecured if there is just one pen in my bag. I need to have 2- fancy ones and one of them is a black-barrelled Cross ballpen given by my brother Mon (yes same one who enclosed some earthworms) as a gift from Oman(where he used to work). I have 2 Parker Fountain Pens, a Sheaffer calligraphic pen (which I use to sign cheques- which is now very seldom as i pay bills online- i use it to write letters or cards which is also very seldom due to emails and cybercards and blogs of course), a collection of pens i've collected from airlines, hotels, companies etc- all on big glass vase- all of them have ran out of ink. My dream pen is a MontBlanc which is actually a luxury and will probably get an Omega watch first before that pen...But since my buying decision now is based on the question- do you really need it? cand you afford it! so getting one will be so remote- unless i win several millions on the Lotto and have paid off my mortgage then....then will probably get one which I will use for trivial writings like doodles, or just a piece to hold and admire for the workmanship. If i am on the mall and no one is with me i always visit the PenShoppe just admiring those pens....

6. I play Christmas songs even when it's not December yet- when I come across them- and this really annoys my housemates....Fancy hearing Michael Jackson blurting out Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas in March. I whistle (yes, i can whistle) or hum them too unmindful of the present season. How weird is that- maybe I am just not thinking.
There you go- some weird things about me...If you had written some weird things, give me the link please as I'd like read them and for those who hasn't been tagged or wants to do it again, feel free to do it....this is very therapeutic.