Sunday, October 01, 2006

The BRISBANE BRONCOS- Premiership Cup Winner

The Premiership Cup, claimed by the Brisbane Broncos at Telstra Stadium in Sydney.
The great coach, Wayne Bennett and the retiring player, Shane Webcke-
this was his last game apparently- and what a great last game for him!

The Brisbane Bronco Team Clutching their well deserved trophy.

Their able captain, Darren Lockyer

Am not a great fan of any sports as I'd rather play than watch people play but somehow I got caught with the Football fever in Australia. Sports, specially Rugby has a big time following here. Rugby is their ultimate football and there are different ways of playing it but basically it's mostly grappling and tackling to get that ball into the goal either by kicking or clutching it and getting over the goal line. One is treated with viewing men who are all well built, strong, healthy and looking like sports heroes and machines. They must have taken Judo to grapple and tackle like they do. They normally retire when they are in their early 30's. I used to glance at the Rugby Union games played between New Zealand (All Blacks) and Australia (Wallabees).

Today though, it's something different. The
Brisbane Broncos were having a championship match agains the Melbourne Storms. Broncos won, 15-8. It was a good game and David got to drink his favourite Toohey Beer. A special mention goes to Brent Tate who was Vivi's schoolmate in high school. He has done really well, only 23 y.o.

Brent Tate (image from broncos website)
Congratulations to the Broncos well done boys, you represented QLD really well. From now one I will watch your games (which will start next March season again)- i bet your clubhouse in Brisbane will overflow with celebrations.

A new fan...