Sunday, September 17, 2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SAMMY Sept 16 (belated na)

Hey Sam, I tried to ring you on the 16th but you weren't there. Then yesterday (which is 16th there as U.S. is a day behind Australia) but the answering machine was on so I left a message nalang...i rang Joseph instead and we spoke for awhile about you of course (hehehe)- Just to greet you Happy Happy Birthday ading (little brother!) and may you have many more happy returns to come. God Bless you always and may all your wishes come true.

Here is a picture of us celebrating (???) taken in 1983! We are drinking Fundador ( i doubt it- must just be a prop for the picture- see the red color- which I don't think is the color of Fundador). Besides I don't drink spirits- cherry juice yata yon. Pero i look lasing. You look great here- you were wearing your 'wear and wear' brown coat with the nice collar. You must have worn that coat for the whole year as far as I can remember because it was your favourite. No wonder as you look good in it. That picture was taken in our kitchen in Aurora Hill in Baguio.

If you were here I will cook you sinigang na baboy sa camatis/tamarind and will give you a case of beer for you and your mates.

Punta ka nalang dito sa birthday ko and i will take you to the concert of Billy Joel....bahala ka sa pamasahe mo.

You can read more on Sam here.

Sammy, happy birthday from all of us here in Australia- we love you Sam....