Thursday, September 21, 2006

Musings...winter is gone (at least in brisbane)

...and had not even worn all my winter clothes yet. As if it was only yesterday that I've taken them out of the season suitcase (when i travel all the contents goes into those big plastic bags) and am afraid they have to be swapped with the spring/summer clothes again. Working inside the office where room temperature is regulated one only needs a thick coat, a scarf and a good pair of boots to walk to/from the train station. So I did not even buy any winter clothes aside from some pairs of socks. It gets a bit daunting when one doen't have to wear a uniform though as I am not one person who plans what to wear the night before and there are times i get so indecisive..(trivial).

so much for that- alleluia- vivian and haines had landed yesterday after 11 days in the philippines and 6 days in hongkong. they made it. when i saw them at the airport i didn't recognise them as they both looked so carefree and relaxed. they look more tired traveling from kuraby to redcliffe! the verdict: they had a great time in both countries and meeting family in the phils. they are even carrying an extra brand new suitcase and i asked haines what's on it and he said her and my brand new stuff bought from hongkong- lucky couple. this is really an eventful time for me as for the first time i let vivian go on her own overseas trip and thank God that she went with haines too as they both looked after each other. travelling with another person, whether family or friend is more fun too- My only wish for my 2 children is for them to be self sufficient and be able to manage their own lives and situation and be at peace and happy with whoeve partner they choose.

so far, with Vivian, it's been very good. she had done well, financially self sufficient since she was 16 years old, even paid me board while she was here. Now she lives in a nice suburbia with a 4-5 bedroom house and working as a nurse. She seldom asks money from me ( although i volunteer to help her) and when she does, she pays it quickly. I think she feels a lot of pride in being financially sufficient and living independently . She just asks for food recipes every now and then.

As for Ray who is only 16, i think that i have to support him for a while yet. I don't really mind as he is doing very well at his school, he is quite a help in our sub-contracting business and he puts away the dishes and brings in the clothes and does chores i ask him every now and then. he gets into his moods but they are not bad, after handling 6 other teen-agers when the stepkids were living with us. Or i guess that i just got better handling them after all the experience.

Donna my first niece reached her glorious 18 years today!