Friday, October 06, 2006

Badminton Revisited

Badminton seems to be the flavour of the year in my hometown, Baguio when we went home in Feb 06. I also found out from one of my cyberfriends that it's her way of losing weight. I need to lose at least 10 kgs gained from after having a baby, cooking for and eating with 2 guys who are carnivorous and have voracious appetites and let's face it, Brisbane offers the best of cooked and uncooked food in the southern hemisphere at least. The availability of cheap take away food- passing through the mall every working day does not help either.

Here is the badminton court of Mon in Loakan. By day it's a seminar centre, in the afternoon it's the venue of badminton tournaments- mostly for the ladies in the family for fitness. It's quite fun- as long as i don't play with the boys who seem to hit it really hard and i keep on chasing and picking up the shuttlecocks and seems to be foreverly serving. I prefer to play with my sis in laws, Cynthia and Dolly and we do it for fitness the shuttlecock can cruise back and forth even for 200 times!.

Finally, sometime last week, since it's Ray's school holiday (vacation for some of you), we finally bought a badminton set from Big W
It was a 4-set, with the proper net and all. So since Wednesday afternoons Ray, David and I take turns in matches, playing between 45minutes to 1 hour each time or until the sun sets. We still have to set up the nets- maybe next week. But it's really a lot of fun and we have lots of laughter, teasing and having a go at each other. It really makes one sweat- enough to have another shower.

I fully recommend this game to anyone. The racquets are cheap too but depending how we go Ray and I plan to buy the proper ones- once we get better at it. We should really hone our skills so we can compete with those guys in Baguio who are seasoned players by now.

Will exert more efforts to keep fit..and lose weight-
Play hard everyone!