Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Another busy week but just sneaked in for greetings

It's only Tuesday but I take a time off from other pressing chores to greet the birthday celebrants for October- seems like everyone's having a birthday huh!

Today, October 3 is the birthday of my sister, Jing (Mary Jane Therese) who lives with her family in San Jacinto, Pangasinan.

October 6 is the birthday of my beloved
Daddy. I also featured him here , here and here.( Rest in Peace, Daddy)

For their birthdates I share what's written on my desk calendar on their particular natal date
October 3
My family and I know we love each other. We know that our love, based in the love of God, has whithstood the test and is stronger than ever. No matter what happens, we love each other, no strings attached.

October 6
i wouldn't have chosen this life but I wouldn't trade it for anything. My life is in god's hands, and I can't get much safer than that!

From a sister who wishes she could cook for Jing some pancit canton,
and from a daughter who misses Daddy so. Ray and David also says
Happy birthday! xoxoxox
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