Thursday, October 12, 2006

Goodbye Riverside Part 1

Tomorrow is my last day at Riverside Centre (RC)at the Brisbane CBD. I have volunteered to join an advance party- composed of different volunteers from different teams-to relocate to Chermside earlier. For this past 2 weeks, we have finalised the logistics and finally, a group of 12 people will report for work there on Monday, 16 October. You may read the background story here
It's been a good 3 year or so at Riverside, have bonded with workmates as I spent more time here than at home. I have enjoyed the familiar surroundings, a lot of it in fact as Riverside is like the Rockefeller Centre (if you're in NYC) or Makati (if you're in MManila) or Session Road ( if you are in Baguio). I have taken quite a few pictures of RC and the Brisbane CBD and I shall chronicle it here- for as far as blogspot will let me post the pictures- so sit back and let me share these places that I shall leave for now (but visit on my leisure time)l. One of the views from my workstation on the 34th floor. Our building has 40 floors
My favourite revolving door- I got stuck here once with officemate Nicole and 2 security guards came to our rescue. I just love walking on those red carpets. On the security guard's desk is a flower arrangement that gets changed every week and each one is different, all beautiful featuring various flowers, lately using Australian natives, birds of paradise, orchids, lillies etd. I shall really miss glancing at those lovely vases of flowers and the welcoming smiles of the guards.
Some of the faces that I will miss- some of them are coming to Chermside, some are not due to hardship and compassionate considerations.
Nevertheless, whether they are coming or not, we are just one email away and can always meet up for a cuppa in the City or Xmas party or the Midyear Lunch. There are only two of us going in this picture.

Sad to leave RC but hey- change is good.