Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Awards Night

Today, 15th November 2006 was the yearly Awards Night at Ray's High School.
Students and parents of the students are invited to join the night at the school's assembly hall.
Every year since Ray started school, we have graced every single awards night there was.
Ray had 4 prizes/awards and they are
  • Award of Academic Distinction
  • Subject Prize- Music
  • Rotary Music Excellence Award for Year 11 ( he consistently received this award for the whole time that he was in High school)
  • Rotary Mathematics Encouragement Award for Year 11, Maths A.

Those two trophies were for excellence and encouragement awards. Along with it came some book vouchers for a bookshop worth $100.

It was a sad occasion for the year 12's who are leaving the school. Likewise, for Ray too who will be going to Nudgee College for Year 12. All ask why? I've urged him to attend Nudgee in Year 10 but he was not interested. But all of a sudden he just decided to attend there on his last year of school He will go there for the experience of attending an all boy school It's one of the best schools here too, apparently #2 in Qld, the 1st one being Brisbane Grammar School of Boys.

Ray, David, Viv and I are very very proud of you. Keep up the very good work.