Friday, November 24, 2006


Last night my housemates and I watched the awesome concert of the one who sang The Piano Man. It was a time and money well spent. He was a real entertainer with his witty quips and anecdotes in between some of his world-famous songs. But he did not sing my favourite- the reason why I wanted to go see him. What happened was he made the audience choose between 'Just the Way You Are' and 'Honesty'. The audience decided with their cheers/clappings/stomping/yelling. And no matter how I yelled 'Honesty' , 'Just The Way You Are ' won. He also sang 'Uptown Girl' and Piano Man was his last song. He came back after the finale and sang 4 more songs. He has the power to make his audience so relaxed and he sang to us. There were no big screens present so everyone was just focused on him and his band members. He horsed around and joked a lot about himself. He is a real talent and a great entertainer of all times. If you have the time, spend that money and go watch his concert near you. His next concerts for the rest of this year will be in Japan and in Hawaii. I promise that it will be a great experience.

From a great fan from brisbane who watched you at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre at 8PM 23 November 2006.

images were from billy's site