Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Big Picture

In a previous posting I have mentioned that Ray is moving to another school on his final high school year. The natural reaction was - why? and why in you final year? Most of his teachers and high school mates were shocked and couldn't believe his decision. Part of my agreement is the fact that I have moved to another office location too. His choice of school was great as it was one of those high schools I have dreamed of for him to attend in Year 10- when I could already afford it.

Anyway, this post is more on his literary attempt to explain his decision and he aptly titled it THE BIG PICTURE. He sent a copy through the email to his circle and am so glad to receive it too as I was on his list. I've asked for his permission to publish it here and he agreed. Ray is a poet- writing witty little poems since he started school. So far this is one of this best ones- so here goes...


I know you all have better things to do than sit down and read emails but this mainly focuses on those people I'll be leaving next year.
I'm moving schools for my final year. It's all to do with the life ahead and what I want out of it.

Using my skills to write lyrics I've composed a poem detailing the reasons behind my actions towards 2007.
For those of you who it's for, I hope you understand. For those of you who are in some other country, this does not concern you but read it anyway so you can see my attempt at poetry.

And so... here we go...

The Big Picture

By R.J. Robinson

As I sit here not far from year's end
With a year of school left to attend
I am writing this poem for you my friend
To tell you about the big picture

Why change schools for my final year?
It's strange I know, to disappear
The decision was made with a mind so clear
While contemplating the big picture

My life had started in another nation
As did my days in private education
It wasn't 'til a great realisation
I knew I was shaped for the big picture

I have always been different somehow
From back then to the person I am now
I've put it off to more than I can allow
I cannot deny the big picture

So I shift to a school of blue and white
As I drift to a place I knew was right
A place to get me closer to the light
A place that is part of the big picture

To a place where experience relates
To a place where opportunity awaits
To a place I'll find myself new mates
It's all on the road to the big picture

Never dread what lies ahead
Use your head. It's wise instead
To always listen to what has been said
It's to do with the big picture

A cat has nine lives - we only have one
We can all shine in our life, just like the sun
Life is the overall experience, for you and for me
I know at some point in your brilliant life you will see:

Your purpose on this Earth -
That purpose and its worth
Your chance to make a difference -
Your future significance

A faith in humanity will aid a path towards sanity
A deep understanding of history will help uncover life's mystery

Have a belief in God and if not, a belief in yourself

An understanding of the scripture
Will help complete your overall perspective of
The big picture

Take care everyone,
Ray.-- R.J. Robinson

images were shot at his new school, St. Joseph's Nudgee College.