Saturday, March 31, 2007

I can't believe that I just did a couple of posts for March

I didn't realise it, and I even promised myself and everyone who visits that I shall post every week. Sorry that didn't happen ....but I am always thinking of all of you.

I worked every Saturday not just for the extra dough but to help ease the backlog at work. We have one solid month to do the overtime before the end of this financial year. The financial year in Australia is from 1 July to 31st June.

As for my move to Chermside since October, everything is so good now- have settled really good, working with really great people around me. This is so important because being a full time worker means spending more time at work than at home. I have also lost a couple of kgs ( i still working on losing more) due to a dental surgery that I had early in February. My new set of teeth had now settled and eating better again hahaha! As you all know I really love my food and I just learned how to cook better than I did. It's quite hard to find a resto now because David says that I cook the steak better than them. I think that he's just saying that because I am his wife and he wants to be free from cooking the steaks. Anyway we will soon be getting the barbeque grill we put on layby at K-mart. Imagine that- being in Australia now for nearly 9 years (in 23 April- we came here in 1998) and not owning a barbeque yet! We just didn't have the time to get around to it plus we have finally found the ideal barbeque that we like at the right price too.

images of my workplace