Friday, June 08, 2007

A Poem Written and for ME!!!!

For the first time in my entire life, someone had actually written a poem for me and guess who wrote it? Ray.... on mother's day 2007. This must be one of the most treasured gifts I'll ever have in my life- it's kinda corny but it's TRUE!
It's untitled though.And here' s our conversation after my overwhelming emotion of gratitude and shock.....

Me Gee, I can sell this poem to a magazine for a fortune
Ray No, you won't
Me why not?
Ray Because I have the Copyright
Me But you've given it to me
Ray Yes I did write it for you , but I own the copyright.
Me OK- as long as when you get rich, can you pay off my mortgage.
Ray Of course.....
end of conversation
there- it's in black and white that he agreed to pay my mortgage ...hahaha! i doubt it...
.....and here's the poem
dear mumbles
i've known you for 17 years of your life
you've known me for all of mine
you've provide me a childhood free of strife
because of you, everyday will shine

we have had altercations in the past
you taught me right from wrong
and for how much longer life will last
i'll always know it was you who made me strong

patient, kind, loving, funny, playful and wise you are
there's nothing as important to me in this world as you
you are my guidance and everything more
because of you I am going to get through.
happy mumbles day!!!
love you forever Ray xoxoxoxoxoxo