Sunday, September 02, 2007

A reminder from friends

I was away for awhile from this blog because i've been minding other things and happily blogging at yahoo360 and I forgot that I also have this to maintain.

Today, our friends Eva, Brian and their son Matt called in to check on us as we have not contacted them for awhile. They've just been to NZ due to Brian's mom just passed away, had a lovely holiday in Cairns and are here to celebrate Father's day with a walk around Redcliffe. It's so nice to see them again and I got reminded re. my tax (which I am doing this couple of weeks) and also that we have friends like them who never forget us despite this busy whurly life we lead- working and looking after our domestic affairs. More on Eva's family on People....

David and I have started on various projects like the carport, computer room, kitchen and gibbing the walls at home and we hardly have time to socialise and much less blog.. I know that some of our followers here have 'deserted' us as there are no fresh news.

It's father's day today so I take this opportunity to remember my Dad with love and fondness and some information about my Dad can be found here and here.