Saturday, November 24, 2007

The past 2 weeks

Birthday Postscript
I thank my family, friends (online and non online), co-workers and even strangers who kindly expressed their greetings in different forms. I received free meals from the RSL Club and Dolphins Club and have enjoyed them on the weekend.

Ray's Graduation

It was a no-frills affair, they just had to wear their school uniform so expenses went to parent's clothes and accessories and of course to the dinner. It started at 6PM with an hour of catholic mass offered to the graduates.

Some of my favourite liturgy songs were sung which made it more meaningful- they were Shine Jesus Shine, Christ be our Light, Sign of Faith and The River (the last one I have to give a special mention to Ray's classmate, Gabriel for singing it so beautifully!). After the mass at the Hall - there were 313 graduates and 2 guests each- we moved over to the Bingo Hall where we were greeted with beautiful floral arrangements of real flowers in Nudgee colours (blue and white), the big hall infront of an over that was used during the Olympic Games in 2000- was transformed into a banquet room with table settings for 4 families.
We shared ours with a Polish, Japanese and Australian families.
Finger food, dinner and dessert were served in between presentation of senior students.
The culmination was the formation of 2 lines by the graduates, one line facing the other on half the side of the hall. Then they were made to shake hands and say 'see you later'. This last part was chilling- emotions charged as some of these boys are mostly boarders who had been in this school for a solid 5 years and suddenly they are saying 'goodbye' to people they have spent most of their 5 years with...The handshakes became hugs, tears falling,

Ray was mugged- literally- some of the taller friends even carried him hahaha! this took more than an hour as parents waited and shared the emotions of their sons who are now called MEN of Nudgee.

Today, Saturday the 24th of November is Election Day

David and I are going to Brunswick Street today to for our monthly Asian shopping. Before we do that, we shall cast our votes and by tomorrow we will or we will not have a new Prime Minister. It's a choice between John Howard or Kevin Rudd. Who shall I vote for? I'd just say that I am an Economist (that's true! hehehehe) and I've never seen a country grow from strength to strength ever since taking over after the great market crash in 1987. Do I want more economic growth or not? How did the present government benefit me? I asked my workmate who wanted a change- OK, if there will be a new Prime Minister, what changes would you like done? Reply- I don't care- for as long as there is a change....

The next blog will tell you who is the Prime Minister of Australia. You'll probably hear it first on the news...

Have a great weekend!