Wednesday, November 12, 2008

postcripts to a birthday

hayyy..i've survived the remembrance day. how did it go? well i got an emergency call at work from hubby.- can you come home as the plumber is coming in the afternoon? the obedient wife..i said OK..and I was happy to take the pm off too and headed home.

The plumber just took half an hour to do what he needed to do. He disconnected the taps/gas connections because we are removing the kitchen cabinets and sink and replace it with a different set up including a long overdue dishwasher.

I cooked some minced beef with celery/carrots with soy sauce for our tea.

Anyway, it's cheap tuesday movies so we all decided to have an early tea and head off to the AMC Cinemas form my bday. Somehow i felt a bit tired after cooking so i went for a a nap and slept for an hour or so as it was so quiet at home . I was woken by the Milo the cat -wanting some food.

Rest of the family arrived and wished me well with cards and presents.. A pair of crystal earrings from vivs, a jade pendant from ray a leaning pillow from the hubby and some cute cards. I also received calls from my mother dear who is now back in the Philippines after spending a month with Joseph iand Beth in VA, brod Ramon, and my friend from the Gold Coast, Armi (we talked for an hour or so as the last time I talked to her was on her birthday).
Also lovely greetings from my cyberfriends in 360 and multiply.

We headed to the AMC Cinema and watched this hilarious movied called Burn After Reading
starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney. Ray, David and I really laughed our heads off with the sillyness that was presented in that movie. Vivs was not able to come because she had to sleep for an early morning roster.

Anyway, the celebration will be on Sunday at Byblos with drinks and a sit down dinner. I haven't been to this place yet, somehow Viv and Ray arranged it all as it's their favourite place and they just assumed that I would enjoy it too. I think it's like a Mediterranean style bistro..hmmm that will be interesting. They had made a booking for us and a couple of friends a month ago....ahh the benefits of having housemates. Shall look forward to it though.

Well after the movie at 8:30pm, we called into Coles and bought some onions and other things. It was late but we had the following for our tea-

  • Minced beef that I cooked before
  • Steamed rice
  • Green salad (made up by Coles)
  • Apple pie (bought from Coles and heated in the oven) with thick cream and vanilla ice cream
  • Red wine for me and David and a Pepsi for Ray

It was a very relaxing day....thanks to all of you! and more photos here!